Calm Your Dog in 30 Seconds!

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"Great product for keeping my dog calm and controlled.
Love it!" 

Time-Out Calming Hood
"Time-Out" Calming Hood

A 30 Second  "Time-Out"  is all it takes to calm your dog from distractions while on a leash.  

When your dog needs a "Time-Out" from pulling, barking and being anxious, pull the hood over the head, once the dog is calm pull back around the neck till needed again.

Comfortable to wear, no straps or restrictions around the face, just stretchy, breathable fabric.  

Gently Calms: * Visual distractions * Vet visits  * Walking on a leash * Groomers, * Wherever you need to calm your dog.

Time-Out Calming Aid
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Time-Out guarantee

"Time-Out" Calming Hood™

  • Reduces visibility, eliminating visual distractions
  • Durable, long lasting fabric
  • Available in 4 Sizes & 4 Colors


  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days

Obedient Pup Available Colors
"Time-Out" Blue Fabric
"Time-Out" Green Fabric
"Time-Out" Orange Fabric
"Time-Out" Yellow Fabric

 Size          (Neck Size)  
X-Small:       Fits 10" - 13"  
 Small:             Fits 14" - 16"   
 Medium:        Fits 17" - 19"    
 Large:            Fits 20" - 22"   .
How to measure for "Time-Out" Calming Aid.
  • Use a soft measuring tape and measure around your dog's neck, then measure around his head ; whichever is the larger number is the one you will use to choose your size on the Size Chart.  

"Time-Out" Works


Time Out time.

"Time - Out":  30 Sec "Time-Out" calming hood can restore calm quickly and easily on dogs who become distracted while walking on a leash.  Just pull the wrap over the eyes blocking the distraction, once the dog is calm pull back around the neck til needed again.  

Even great to use at the vet's office, groomers, or wherever a distraction becomes a problem. 


Calm a dog from noise

Disturbing Noises: Such as fireworks, loud blow driers at groomers, just to name a few, the "Time-Out" calming hood when pulled over the ears, will gently muffle the ears reducing the disturbing noise creating a soothing feeling for your dog.

Also, great for protecting the ears from debris or keeping them out of food, etc. 


"Time-Out" Neck Wrap

Too Much Sun: Running in the park, walking on a leash, or playing in the hot sun can cause distress in some dogs. Just wet "Time-Out" with water, wring out excess and put on the dog.  As the fabric dries it creates a cooling effect keeping the dog from overheating.

Just wet and wear.


Obedient Pup Testimonial

"Hadley is a Siberian Husky and loves anything that
will keep her cool. Nice Product!

Obedient Pup testimonial

"Bella is a miniature Schnauzer and a little bit of a drama queen,
also keeps her cool in the Florida heat!
Great idea.